How do I book?

If you want to book any of Sail YSL’s activities, please contact us or call 079 277 0623. We will send you a booking form to complete and, where applicable, a health declaration to sign. Please send these back to us as soon as possible.

Do you offer children’s sailing?

Yes, and the RYA has a dinghy sailing scheme specifically aimed at children. However, if children are to take an active part in sailing, they must be mature enough to have developed co-ordination and balance and to understand and follow instructions. In practice this...

Are dinghy sailing courses supervised?

Yes, there will always be a safety boat in attendance on the water as well as staff on the beach. If you are a beginner in a larger boat, you may even have an instructor on board with you.

What if Sail YSL cancels an event?

We hope we don’t have to, but nobody can predict the future. If we do have to cancel an event for any reason, the fee for that event will not be refunded but can be credited to a future event. We accept no liability for consequential damages and advise you to...

What about liability?

All activities are undertaken at your own risk. Sail YSL accepts no liability. A waiver form must be signed for every person on the water.