Southampton to St Katherine’s Dock

This delivery trip took place at New Year – and is probably the coldest I have ever been in my life, including up a mountain at -25°C with wind chill! I look like a Michelin man because I am wearing about 6 layers including thermals. Bar an unscheduled call at Ramsgate, this was a non-stop passage and the temperature never once went above freezing. Cold, foul tide and wind off Dungeness (boat speed 6 kt, speed over ground (SOG) 0 kt for three hours), challenging navigation up the River Thames at low water spring tide, snow and ice on the decks – this was definitely one of the more “interesting” passages. And yet, going under the Dartford Bridge and through the Thames Barrier at night, approaching the city of London from the water – incomparable. And Millennium Dome, O2 or North Greenwich Arena – it matters not what you call it, it’s still mighty impressive at night against a backdrop of a green laser to mark the prime meridian.