Five weeks in Greece, how idyllic, time to sit back and enjoy the sun, sand (Greek variant) and sangr…… Mythos, lamb and super tasty fresh fish. Or maybe not so much of the sitting back for some of us.


 Two weeks for the Skipper on the dinghies with Seafarer, one of our partners out in Greece.
Then a swap to our yacht for a couple of weeks of Comp Crew and Day Skipper practical.



Sailing between the islands in the Ionian is our thing. Traditionally the end of September is still nice and warm – what we found was a couple of days of heavy constant rain. One of our favourite spots, Sivota, is not a bad place to hole up; it just meant Yianna’s for the best full English in the area, twice in a row. Shame.


Once the sun deigned to show up, it warmed up greatly with delightful sailing conditions.
The first week went very well with Juha and Tiia gaining their Comp Crew along with Elli-Mae and Inna-Lina proving that they are very happy on board.






During the second week Alex and Angela gained their Day Skipper practical, including a testing night sail completed with ease.



Congratulations to all.



Our final task of the trip was to watch Cloud Nine being hauled for inspection.
She’s looking good even from the angle you don’t normally see.




If this feels a bit of a short post and if a picture is worth a 1000 words, here are 87,000 of them.