In August 2018 we were delighted that Yvonne – aka FunkyForty – decided to spend her holiday with us for a short break on board Cloud Nine. Yvonne is one of Switzerland’s top ten fashion bloggers and influencers – not to mention being a fantastic photographer (available for weddings, funerals, bar mitvahs, sailing trips…!). Apart from a couple of day trips as a child, Yvonne had never sailed before – and certainly never slept on a boat before. We are naturally chuffed to bits that she had such a good time that she’s written up a great report of her experience, which we reproduce here with permission as a guest blog. If you are – or know – someone who has always fancied trying sailing but have been hesitating because you can’t imagine what it might be like, this post is for you!

Awesome Greek Island Sailing – an Adventure to Remember!

Hi Everyone,

It all started with a simple Facebook note – asking if anyone had a spontaneous idea for Summer vacation. A dear friend then referred me to Emma and Nick from Cloud Nine Sailing and the beautiful Cloud Nine sailing boat. It didn’t take long for me to get my flights booked for my awesome Greek Island sailing adventure!

We sailed amongst the Ionian Islands – this time of year the water is a lot calmer here than on the other side of Greece. Still experiencing some wonderful winds and even managed to get the Spinnaker sail up – my favourite.

Keep scrolling for a largely pictorial account of four days awesome Greek Island sailing – an adventure to remember!

Awesome Greek Island Sailing – an Adventure to Remember!

The journey started by flying from Stuttgart to Preveza (easy to book via Condor). Here I was picked up by Emma and driven to Nydri where I met Nick, Heros (the adorable ship’s dog) and Cloud Nine (the 45 ft yacht that was to be called home for the next 4 days / 3 nights).

Ever wondered what the inside of a 45 foot yacht looks like? I know I had no idea what to expect and was super pleasantly surprised at how roomy my cabin was – not to mention my very own ensuite bathroom with shower!!!

My cabin – off to the sides were cupboards. One even with hanging space – useful for jackets.

Above my bathroom (head) and some of the main cabin.

The communal spaces, kitchen (galley)  and sitting area.


Let the adventure begin…
Day 1 – Sailing from Nydri to Vathi, Meganisi

With Emma at the helm it was Nick’s turn to prepare lunch on board…

Today’s sail was nice and short.  Once at Vathi it was time to go for a swim in the crystal clear waters, buy a little souvenir for my daughter and then get ready for the evening…

The traditional bubbles to celebrate the first night followed by dinner at a local taverna.

Cheers Reto – wish you were here!

Emma and Nick certainly know the best eateries in each little village. Tonight we ate at Stavros – where you get the best Baklava ever!

Judging by the fishing boats going out I knew it was very fresh fish!


Day 2 – A lovely day of discovery

I started the day with a little fruit shopping…

Then off on our sail from Vathi to Frikes…

A lovely long sail. Apart from preparing lunch I was determined to simply relax today – a phenomenon that will change on day 3.

Arriving at Frikes a great new experience awaited as I learnt all about rafting. This is when there is no space to tie up directly at a moor so you tie up to another boat instead.

You have to walk over your neighbouring boat in order to get to shore. Sailing etiquette says you simply keep to the bow of the boat to not disturb the occupants.

Frikes is a lovely little village – fun to watch the car ferry arrive and explore beaches with crystal clear waters about an 8 minute walk away from port.

Dinner at another fabulous outdoor restaurant – this time with the best Banoffee pie ever!


Day 3 – When the excitement really began!

Today started like any other with bacon and eggs followed by a lovely sail to where we thought we would stay, Kastos. The winds were fantastic and we managed to get up that beautiful Spinnaker sail.

I started getting that sailing fever, could no longer simply laze around and started becoming useful on board.

Perhaps it was knowing that if I acted useful I had coffee served on board – smile!

Anchoring in the bay we decided it was time to give Heros a well deserved swim in the bay.

Once back on the yacht I hurried in the shower ready for dinner. Alas in the meantime so many others had decided to anchor here too so change in plans and we decided to sail to Spartochori , Meganisi for the night. Fortunately Emma had great contacts and could reserve us a spot just when other boats were being turned away.

So there we have it, all dressed for dinner and a 2.5 hour sail into the sunset, hitting 25 knot winds underway. This was certainly an adventure for me – somehow nervous and yet somehow calm as I could see how Emma and Nick really had everything under control (except for my steering which was apparently right on point – yay!).


Day 4: Homeward bound!

What a place to wake up in. I am feeling a little sad at the thought of going home. Perhaps I was born to be a sailor?

Luckily Emma took me for a little walk up the hill to explore the village of Spartochori before setting up for sail back to Nydri.

A great little village for buying knick-knacks!

I guess it’s a “girl” thing that Emma and I were both so fascinated with the bougainvilleas.

Then it was back to the boat and back to Nydri, Stuttgart, Zurich!

Thank you for the most awesome trip Emma and Nick. I can really recommend this to anyone who really wants a great adventure. You can choose to help, to officially learn how to sail or simply relax. I can honestly say that I felt a lot better than I had for awhile after sailing. Being an influencer is fabulous but it can also (like most jobs) get very tiring too! The fresh air from sailing really did put the wind back into my sails – haha!

Thank *you* Yvonne, for the fabulous photos and the from-the-horse’s-mouth write-up!


If this report has you thinking “I’d really like to go sailing!” or “I’ve been meaning to get in touch”, then drop us a line! We look forward to hearing from you!


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