I am in the process of putting together next year’s skippered charter trips and hope to have information available very soon. In the meantime, why not enjoy our recent 2012 trip vicariously here to whet your appetite?

Like May, the end of September and beginning of October is a great time to go to Greece as you avoid the worst of the heat. Late in the year the sea has had 6 months of warming and you can normally swim right into October. We covered a total of some 275 miles in two weeks.

Sunday 23 September
Vounaki to Levkas Town – 20 miles
First time out on a new (to me) boat – Tomboy is a Jeanneau 42i – so spent the day playing around in plenty of sea room to get the crew up to speed. Up the Levkas channel to Levkas Town for the night with a view to an early slip tomorrow to head north. The channel is well marked but quite narrow – reminded me of Breydon Water on the Norfolk Broads which, although vastly wider, gave me kittens when I was there aged 6. Moored up stern-to on the town quay in the only remaining space at 1700. A nasty cross wind made it tricky to get into, explaining why it was the last space left!

Monday 24 September
Levkas Town to Lakka – 45 miles
Watched a spectacular sunrise:
then slipped at 0750 to get through the Levkas bridge at 0800. Picked our way out of the channel which, on the northern end, is only marked on one side. An interesting exercise when the charter company have added an offset onto the echo sounder but can’t say precisely how much! There is a green marker on the land but not on the sand spit  – a real risk of trying to sail across sand if you cut the corner close. Then heading north for the 6 hours up to Lakka, a sheltered bay on the northernmost tip of Paxos island.

Swinging on the hook in the centre of the bay overnight. Nice swim, but the water’s cooler than at this time last year. Amusing moments watching a crowd of German chaps overload and nearly swamp their tender.

Does anything beat playing cards on the foredeck with a G&T as the sun goes down?

Tuesday 25 September
Lakka to Corfu Town – 28 miles

A decided lack of wind today, but good for practicing hoisting the sails. Nothing challenging today other than dodging ferries and cruise ships on the approach to Corfu.

Moored up in Mandraki port under the citadel. Great location, but found we have no standard means of getting off the boat when moored bows to – we’re pulling ourselves round to the quay in the dinghy each time we want to go ashore. Music floating on the air from the windows of the Ionian University music department which is just above the harbour.

Go for a walk in Corfu Town and I take an executive decision that we’re staying here another night, even though it is twice as expensive as we were led to believe (owing to the length of the boat).

Wednesday 26 September
Corfu Town – 0 miles
Did the tourist thing today – climbed up to the citadel then wandered round the old town including the tourist shops. Greek salad for lunch with the sweetest, juiciest tomatoes I’ve ever had. Do they really expect one person to eat that much for a starter? Did a bit of provisioning before heading back to the boat for… a snooze? A swim? Read a book? Decisions, decisions….. so, all three J

Dinner in the yacht club restaurant in Mandraki – our penne with smoked salmon was delicious and far from run of the mill with spring onions, dill and sundried tomatoes. Yum.

















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