It’s been a bit unseasonably warm here the last few days. In the middle of March I would expect to be on skis, not the water but, lo, ’twas the latter this week. Taking advantage of the sun, on Thursday we launched for the first time this year – and the ship’s dog couldn’t stop grinning:

Heros March 2014

Friday saw us down on the Brienzersee consulting for our best client. Clearly that wasn’t exciting enough for the hound, though, as the next thing we heard was a large splash and saw this:

heros iseltwald march 14

So, as the season seems to have started, I thought I’d give you some dates for your diary too.

Firstly, don’t forget we have just 100 days to raise funds to add at least 2 boats to our fleet for our major projects for this year. All contributions, however small, will be greatly appreciated. The whole point of a crowdfunding project is that lots of small contributions add up very quickly! We’ve nearly reached 5{c7de0b351460df196bda134501962c15c6d60206cb6ff2d41b26bfe3ffed5e66} of target in just 5 days – but that means there’s still 95{c7de0b351460df196bda134501962c15c6d60206cb6ff2d41b26bfe3ffed5e66} to go

Next, if you fancy a weekend on the southern side of the Alps, come and see us at the Expat Expo in Lugano on Sunday 30 March.

We’re due to offer an Introduction to Sailing Seminar on 5 April through the Sailing Enthusiasts in Zurich meetup group. You will need to join the meetup group to participate, but membership is completely free. Full info about the event here.

Finally, for now, the next Day Skipper theory course looks like it’s going to run towards the end of June. The exact dates should be finalised this coming week, but if you’d be interested, please let me know so I can estimate numbers.