SailYSL_clubOK so it’s taken a little bit longer than anticipated (probably something to do with the website facelift that’s been involved) but….. I’m proud and delighted to announce the launch of the Sail YSL Club!

If you’ve been wanting to get on the water this year (and next year, and the one after…) without tackling the obstacles of local certification and language, this is for you – yes, you. You can sign up NOW for one of three membership levels to suit your situation.


Bronze membership is ideal for singles and includes independent dinghy sailing on Lake Zurich, substantial reductions on evening sailing with barbecues and even a free sailing trip in Greece – all included in the monthly fee.

Silver membership is aimed primarily at families wanting to sail locally so it includes independent dinghy sailing on Lake Zurich, free group dinghy lessons and free evening sailing with barbecues. As the weather improves, sailing is an ideal activity to keep your kids occupied after school and during the school holidays.

Gold membership, as you would expect, includes a bit of everything we offer – independent dinghy sailing on Lake Zurich, a free theory course, free group dinghy lessons, free sailing trip to Greece and substantial reductions on evening sailing with barbecues.

It doesn’t matter which membership level you choose – each of them represents a discount of 50{c7de0b351460df196bda134501962c15c6d60206cb6ff2d41b26bfe3ffed5e66} or more compared with signing up to the activities individually.

Moreover, membership of the Sail YSL Club is the only way to use our boats independently – we want to keep our boats in the best possible condition so we’re not offering rentals to the general public.

And there’s more….
As you probably know, Sail YSL is the sole Swiss distributor for Hartley Boats. With this and the Club in mind, we have two new boats joining our fleet later this month, the Hartley 10 and the Hartley 12. These are designed for single- or double-handed sailing and are a key component in our dinghy instruction scheme. It also gives our Club members a choice of boat to use. You can find out all about them on our boat sales website.

Don’t forget our Boost our Boats fundraising project on – we want to add to our fleet in your interests 😉 Any support you can give to this all-or-nothing effort will be very much appreciated!

And still that’s not all…
We will also be launching our group dinghy lessons when the Sail YSL Club gets on the water. In the first instance we will be offering a dinghy basic skills course aimed at complete novices. Later on we’ll be adding a more advanced course to hone your skills and aimed at day sailing on Lake Zurich. We can offer these group lessons over 2 full days at the weekend or in the school holidays, or (particularly with schools and children in mind) over 6-8 sessions on weekdays after school.

Surely that’s it? Nope…
To coincide with and co-ordinate our new offerings, we’d love to invite you to join the new Sail YSL Community forum. Many of you will be familiar with phpBB forums, so please head on over, register and get stuck in. You’ll be able to co-ordinate with other Sail YSL clients e.g. for travel to Greece, or to put together a group for group dinghy lessons, to help one another on theory questions and to post your own experiences and photos. Sail YSL Club members also have a private area of the forum for their exclusive use – just ask us to add you to the member group.

So when can you get on the water? Well, we are expecting the new boats to be delivered later this month and our goal (subject to red tape) is to have them on the water by June. Consequently membership of the Sail YSL Club is open immediately, with a view to taking bookings from Monday 2 June onwards.

Join the Sail YSL Club!

Is there anything else I should know?
Rather than write even greater volumes here, I’ve written a (hopefully) fairly comprehensive FAQ. Each new section of the website has a relevant FAQ you can read there, and they are all pulled together in the new All FAQs page.

And why not come along to our season-opening apéro next Sunday, 18 May, from 11.00am – 4.00pm here in Richterswil? We’ll be here for you to chat in person.

theend031_0That really is all folks – and isn’t it enough?!
(Yes, we’ve had a busy winter ;))