RYA dinghy courses

Dinghy sailing is probably the purest form of sailing – no engines, few mechanical aids, just you and the wind to get you where you want to to go. If you have ambitions to get into affordable racing, then dinghies are the way to go. And it’s an ideal preparation for moving up to larger yachts at a later stage.

The thing with dinghies – if you get it wrong, you get wet!
So where better to learn than in the warm waters of the Greek Ionian sea! Why not come and join us in Greece to gain qualifications under the RYA National Sailing Scheme! You will stay on our fabulous yacht, Cloud Nine for the week, based in Nidri, Levkas, while sailing the single-handed and double-handed dinghies belonging to our partners at Horizon Watersports.

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After a successful week, you could be the proud possessor of up to 3 of the following qualifications:
RYA Dinghy Level 1 (Start Sailing):
The entry-level course for those that have never sailed before. At the end of the first 2 days you should be able to sail in all directions in light winds under supervision.
RYA Dinghy Level 2 (Basic Skills):
Building on what you have learned in Level 1, after days 3 and 4 you will be able to rig and launch your boat, sail in all directions, and know how to recover a capsize and man overboard.
RYA Dinghy Level 3 (Better Sailing):
Refining and consolidating what you have learned at levels 1 and 2, this course introduces the techniques required when dealing with a lee shore, reefing and introduces higher level skills such as simple racing, adverse conditions and maybe even basic spinnaker work.

These are the levels for adults; children’s courses run from stage 1 to stage 4, where stages 1 & 2 are equivalent to level 1+ in the adult scheme.

RYA Seamanship Skills:
At the end of this course you should be able to handle almost any situation that could occur afloat; you can reef on the water, use an anchor, sail without a rudder or centreboard, as well as launching and recovering the boat in all situations.
RYA Sailing with Spinnakers:
A course that does what it says on the tin – spend 2 days focusing on downwind sailing with a kite (usually asymmetric).

All the above courses are 2 days long, so you can cover up to 3 in a week, depending on your prior knowledge and progress.

If you have never sailed before, start with level 1.
If you have previously done an RYA dinghy course in a past life, why not build on your skills with the higher level courses?

Or why not combine one or two of these courses with some windsurfing or powerboat training?

RYA dinghy courses can be added to any of our holiday packages for an additional fee of CHF 250 per student. For more information check out our FAQs for RYA courses