We’ve had a busy last few weeks enjoying the Sun, the Lake and now the… rain?!


First off we attended the Expat Expo in Basel, taking the newly-arrived Hartley 10 with us. There was no problem getting into the 2nd floor hall thanks to a generously-sized goods lift. A good show was had.




Acone1 Day Skipper course was completed with Nina Dan and Peter. During the rope work Dan managed a clever bit of throwing, sadly not to be repeated. ter1 The BBQ lunches were an enjoyable ad hoc development and may well be included in future courses.





A morning sail with Sophie and her Dad, Steve. They were back on the Wayfayer after a few years break and enjoyed the re-acquaintance.

Evening sails with Rodney, Steve and Craig. The weather tried its best to get in the way but we managed not to get wet or sunburnt.


And finally Congratulatiopeter1ns to Peter for completing the two-day Sail YSL dinghy course.




cl1If you are interested in becoming qualified to charter a boat in the Med, we have two theory courses for the RYA Day Skipper qualification coming up imminently.

The July course (12-16 July) has 4 spaces available and the August course (1/2 & 8-10 August) has 3 2 spaces available. Please contact me asap to book your place for July.

If you then want to complete your practical part of the qualification, we have 2-4 spaces (depending on the make-up of our guest list) on a non-tidal Day Skipper/Comp Crew course in Greece from 11-18 October. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed your theory by then or int1don’t feel ready to progress to full Day Skipper at this stage – we can run a mixed boat of Day Skipper and Competent Crew candidates. You would also be very welcome just to come along and crew, as long as you are aware that it will be a week focusing on formal drills and boat-handling rather than simply lazy island-hopping.


is1If, on the other hand, the lazy island-hopping is what you’re after, you could join us in Greece for the week of 23/24-30/31 August (Sat or Sun start still to be confirmed) or for 4-11 October. The latter may include some practice drills for our DS students, but we will be exploring the area more and focusing on relaxation and winding down.


spin4Meanwhile, back in Switzerland, we are now running beginners’ dinghy courses, not only at weekends, but also during the week – it’s an ideal way to give the kids a new, lifelong hobby, fresh air and exercise during the school holidays. The courses usually run as 2 full days, but we can also run them over e.g. 4 afternoons, which would also be possible after school in early September.

Don’t forget that we also run coffee sailing in the mornings and evening sailing sessions followed by a barbecue. These popular sessions are available almost any day except Mondays (subject to availability) and are an ideal way to try out sailing with a minimum commitment.


Drop us a line if you’d like to come sailing with us this summer – we look forward to meeting some of you we’ve not yet met!