Sail YSL has some very exciting plans for 2014 with two major projects in the pipeline. I can’t tell you any more for now – you’ll have to wait and wonder – but suffice to say that I can hardly wait to launch them.

However, they can’t even happen unless we can add at least 2 smaller boats to our fleet.

As you can imagine, this means we need to raise a (for us) rather substantial sum of money in a very short space of time so that you, our clients, supporters and friends, can benefit this summer already.

Never let it be said that we don’t keep up with the times – we’ve decided to see if we can raise some funds using the 100-days.net crowdfunding platform – and that’s where you come in.

About the boats:
We want to add a Hartley 10 and a Hartley 12, which are designed for sailing single- or double-handed. You can read much more about the boats on our Boat Sales site, www.sailingdinghies.ch.

About the platform:
100-days.net is run by the Swiss Ron Orp social platform. It works almost identically to the better-known Kickstarter platform, which means it’s an all-or-nothing concept. If the support pledged is even 10 francs short of target, we get Nothing and our supporters get their money back. We have just 100 days from today to raise the full amount or go home empty-handed.

How much are we trying to raise?
I’m pitching for Fr 12’000, because that’s the absolute minimum we need to put our plans into practice and, being all-or-nothing, I’d rather try to ensure the success of the project. If our target is exceeded then happy days because we can keep the surplus and the plan is to put it into a kitty to help us finance a stand at the Suisse Nautic boat show next year.

Is financial help all we’re after?
No, absolutely not. I’ve added a few other needs to the pitch and if you can help with any of those, I’d be equally grateful.
Above all, please – please – can you spread the word about our fundraising push; if there’s anywhere you could put up posters, take some flyers to hand out and so on, let me know. If we are to meet the target, it’s essential that as many people as possible know about it and us.

Why would you support us?
Well, hopefully because you believe in what we’re doing here at Sail YSL and because you’d like to benefit from our expanded offerings.
But we don’t expect to rely purely on your altruism: in return for financial support, we are offering a host of appealing “goodies”.

What next?
Please go to our project page on 100-days.net – there are a couple of short videos for you to watch too – and click to donate.

A big Thank You! in advance – your support will be very much appreciated. Obviously there’s going to be a big party for all our “boosters” if the project is successfully funded 😉