1. What is the symbol for an Estimated Position?
A triangle with a dot in the middle

2. How would you mark the line representing a tidal vector?
Three arrow-heads

3. Why is it important to be able to calculate tidal heights?
To know when you can e.g. cross a sand bar and to know whether you will have enough water under your keel at low water

4. What is a secondary port?
A smaller port for which tide tables are not produced, that refer to a major or standard port

5. What method of position fixing is likely to result in a “cocked hat”?
A three-point fix

6. What is magnetic variation?
The difference in the angle on the Earth’s surface between true north and magnetic north

7. What does GMDSS stand for?
Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

8. When should a mayday message be sent?
When a person, vessel, vehicle or aircraft is in grave and imminent danger

9. What do the IRPCS say about keeping a lookout?
A proper lookout should be kept at all times by all available means

10. What causes a sea breeze?
The sun warms the land, which warms the air above it. This warm air rises and is replaced by cooler air flowing in from over the sea. The warm air that has risen is blown out to sea where it cools and sinks, creating a convective cycle